About BSoc

The UTS Business Society’s purpose is to support students studying business at all stages of their university career. Founded in 2010, the student led society’s mission is to assist students in their studies, provide opportunities and support for career progression and make the experience memorable through social life enrichment. With the support of the UTS Business School and Corporate Sponsors, the society hosts educational events and networking opportunities for students looking to break into the industry.

Why Join?

Build Your Network

By becoming a part of BSoc, you will meet and network with like-minded people that study in the same field and share your ambitions. We also offer many opportunities to network with industry professionals.

Assist Your Studies

BSoc offers a wide range of events and resources to complement your degree to help you build soft and technical skills and become job-ready. BSoc’s large number of resources, from uni-guides to course material, will help you succeed.

Make New Friends

Friendship is a crucial part of the university experience and it’s not always easy making new friends through class and group assignments. From social to sporting, there are countless opportunities to make friends at any of our events. BSoc will ensure you leave university with life-long friendships. 

Social Justice

BSoc is by the people and for the people – If you are a social justice warrior, you will fit right in. If you want to make a difference and give back to the community, we often host charity events and fundraisers.


The UTS Business School delivers a broad range of degree programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Its graduates are ‘integrative thinkers’ who can combine traditional business skills with those from disciplines such as design and engineering to meet the challenges they face in a globalised world.The Business School works closely with UTS BSoc to enhance the professional development and on-campus experience of members.


The Australian Business Students’ Association (ABSA) is the leading representative network for Australian business students, fostering skill set acquisition, development and industry connectivity. ABSA is managed by a team of students and industry leaders who are passionate about student development. Since its inception in 2018, ABSA has become the leading representative network for Australian business students through its Member Societies, of which UTS BSoc is one.

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