15 Things Every UTS Student Can Relate To

15 Things Every UTS Student Can Relate To

15 Things Every UTS Student Can Relate To

1. Working weekends because it’s the only time you’re available

2. Going to the city used to be a trek, since you go every week, the commute is like second nature to you at this point

3. Pulling double shifts (because your job sucks)

4. Pulling an all nighter for an assignment (has anyone not done this? if so can you please teach me your ways)

5. Doing the whole group assignment yourself (faith in humanity is diminishing by the semester)

6. Staying out til 3am knowing you have work the next morning

7. Going to work the next morning hungover

8. Promising yourself you’ll attend you’re lectures this semester but ultimately failing to do so

9. Buying all your textbooks in first-year but now you scrape by without buying one

10. You skip uni to catch up on uni

11. You beat yourself up for being late to class, but hey! at least you’re going to class

12. Waking up past midday leaves you feeling incredibly guilty. Also mildly smug that you have the freedom to do so, but mostly guilty

13. The thought of getting to university before 9am…

14. Picking subjects that best suit your timetable rather than your interests

15. When you meet someone that doesn’t take public transport to uni, you’re just like:

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  1. Great! At least 10 out of 15 points may be applied to any student at any university in the world 🙂

  2. Loved this!

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