How To Get The Most Out of LinkedIn

I’m nervous about making my experience public and being compared to others

There’s no need to be nervous! Everyone has started somewhere. Rather than worrying about what your experience looks like, Linkedin is a great platform to learn from the experiences of others and more importantly, to connect with people who share the same values as you. It should broaden your mind and a place where you can grow your network. At the end of the day, developing relationships is the key aspect.

What’s the point of a LinkedIn page if I’m already sending a CV to an employer?

 Linkedin is a place where you can put some personality into your page. Whilst your CV should be tailored to the position you’re applying for, your Linkedin page should really showcase not only your experiences, but also your personality, skills, social connections and interesting projects. It doesn’t have to be strictly work related.

I’m not actually looking for a job right now, why would I set up a LinkedIn?

Linkedin is a place where you can meet anyone you want. No one, not even that CEO is out of reach. You should never start using Linkedin only when you need a job. Creating quality relationships can open doors towards opportunities you may not even have imagined. I’ve created partnerships with companies like Huawei, Dropbox, Uber, just because of the value a Millennial can bring to Linkedin as a insight sharing platform.

How do I get endorsements and recommendations?

Easiest way to gain endorsements and recommendations is by endorsing and recommending others. You have to give first. It can be people who you’ve done a project with, your previous or current employment but this is something you can build up slowly. No rush.

How proactive do I need to be on LinkedIn? Can I just set up a profile and leave it?

There’s no set standard on how to use Linkedin but what you sow is what you reap. Over this past year, Linkedin has gone from a highly professional place where it’s all about job hiring to a more personable circle where they value community, growth and connecting with others.

An interesting insight having worked with hundreds of corporates, startups, VCs and everything in between is that this world is based off relationships. When hiring, companies will first start with employee recommendations and referrals before cold hiring through platforms. Being proactive means that when you’ve developed a relationship, when it comes to hiring, companies will consider your application before they consider someone they don’t know.

This means that setting up a profile and leaving it will not get you anywhere!

Maybe an insight on where you think the future of LinkedIn is headed

Linkedin is currently the new social media. Over the last few months, I’ve gone from 300-6k connections, 50 – 1,000 likes per Linkedin post and over 100,000 engagements. It means that 2018 is the year to start developing your own personal branding, sharing insights you’ve learnt along the way and engaging with the community. To say I’ve met some incredible people is an understatement and the opportunities thrown my way have been insane. This year is the year, so don’t delay and start creating your Linkedin profile today!


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