7 Struggles Every University Student Faces

Perfume, Cologne or Trackies

When the end of the week arrives, all of us can’t help but think, “Thank god!”

But then the ultimate debate rears its ugly head. You’re spent, it’s been a long week full of assignments and stress; and you wanted to reward yourself with a cosy night in watching Netflix. Well that was the case until your friends try to convince you to come on a night out.

So the internal struggle begins, you want to be social and hang with your friends but you don’t want to be in bed at 3am, you try to convince yourself that you could just have an ‘early night’ (but let’s be honest how often does that end up happening).

So you either suck it up and go or you snuggle further into your bed.


Winter Woes

We go to uni during winter so the likelihood of contracting some sort of illness is pretty likely. You know the struggle of when you get sick that all you want to do is lie in bed for a week and get better…well the life of a student doesn’t exactly support this need.

So instead of actually giving yourself time to get better you solider on, you have too many commitments not to. I mean how else are you going to keep up your GPA, earn money or impress at your unpaid internship.

So you just learn to deal with it and accept that you’re not going to feel 100% for a long ass time.


The Temptation is Real

Over summer you’ve been pretty consistent, you’ve managed to eat healthily, limit your alcohol intake and go to the gym regularly. You’re living a pretty active and healthy lifestyle, well that is until the semester starts.

Not only does the stress of assignments and deadlines return but the temptation returns. You never realised how much discounted or free food was available on campus until the moment you have to start saying no to it.


Time is NOT your Friend

So you’ve been working your butt off the past couple weeks, surviving on one day off per fortnight. You’re running on fumes at this point, barely on top of your coursework, but then your holy grail appears…two days off!

You can’t remember when you had so much free time and you relish in it. You’re thinking about how you’re going to sleep in, how you’re going to haul up in your room and just binge watch all the TV shows you’ve missed, well until the inevitable happens.

Your friends want to hang out with you.

And there is nothing wrong with that, it’s just everybody needs some me time. You start to explain your need for rest when they deploy their ultimate weapon, “I haven’t seen you in forever”, and that’s when the guilt sets in.

But ultimately they are your friends for a reason, when you hang out you just chill, and if you seriously are so sleep deprived you can’t manage it, they totally understand.


The 28-Hour Day

“How did you do it?” Do you ever ask yourself that after a particularly chaotic semester?

I mean seriously you managed to juggle full-time study, part-time work, an internship, going to the gym and socialising. That is a lot to have on one person’s plate, like wow!

You do realise that you can be pretty damn impressive when you want to be.


It’s Raining. It’s Pouring. The Student is Snoring.

Now that you’re in university the onus to go to class falls to you, not your parents, not your teachers, you! So when it’s raining or super cold outside, how worth it is it to untangle yourself from your warm bed and trek all the way into the city?

It is a very fair question because let’s be honest the weather can majorly influence whether or not you go to class or not.


The “Holy Shit” Moment

Every university student knows that time of the year. You know the one, the one when you’re walking through campus completely oblivious with what is going on around you but then you see it…you see them.

It starts slowly but soon there are masses of them, students in graduation robes.

It’s kind of hard not to notice them but as you watch them the realisation hits…that’s going to be you in a few years, and let’s be honest how ready are you for the “real world”?

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