Habits of a HD Student

The new uni semester is well and truly upon us and arriving with it is that insatiable hunger for high distinctions.

So, I started thinking, how do those HD students do it? How do they sit down and study multiple times a week? How do they avoid those brutal all-nighters? How do they do this for thirteen weeks straight?!

So, naturally, I started googling.



This one seems fairly obvious. If you don’t get enough sleep you will lack energy, find it difficult to concentrate in class and are less inclined to do some independent study. A lack of sleep also makes us more prone to stress and hinders our memory.

So, let’s get those eight hours in! Aim to go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning. Avoid electronics thirty minutes before bed (at a minimum) and limit caffeine intake towards the end of the day.


Time management

Take the time every Sunday night to plan out your week. Block out times for work, exercise, study and BSOC events (obviously). Make sure these allocations are then put into your diary or calendar so that they are easily accessible.

However, with that being said, make sure your timings are reasonable. Are you really going to study for seven hours on a Thursday?

Don’t set yourself up to fail.


Clean study space

My mum has this saying: cluttered space = cluttered mind.

It annoys me to no end, but she’s right. Keep your study space as clean as you can. It can be difficult to concentrate when you have last week’s bowl of spaghetti sitting on the edge of your desk.

Keep all your notes in an organised binder, your textbooks neatly stacked and stationary packed away. Only have on your desk what is absolutely necessary.



Exercise has been proven to improve cognitive performance, energy levels, memory, and all that other good stuff we’ve heard a million times before.

But in reality, how do we find the motivation when your life is already so busy?

The answer… make it social!

For example, hit the gym with a buddy as your weekly catch-up, or join a local touch team. The possibilities are endless.


Attend class…and participate?

You’ve probably heard this one from your tutors before, and despite our protests, it is true. Attending class has a massive impact on your final grade. If you don’t understand a concept that is touched on in a lecture, chances are it will be discussed more in-depth during your tutorial.

We’re all building up our HECs debt, so why not make use of the resources available to us?



Now with all of that in mind…here’s to a year of high distinctions!

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