How to Beat Mid Semester Blues

STUVAC has past and with it our will to persevere.  As I write this I’m reflecting on the two all-nighters I’ve pulled this week. Was it worth it? Absolutely not. The assignments I submitted were subpar at best, and the bags under my eyes have me feeling like a zombie. We’re only halfway into the semester, if this is where I’m at now, I’m not feeling overly optimistic about the next six weeks.

So how can we overcome these mid-semester blues? What will make us kick our butts into action?



Take the time to binge watch that Netflix show you’ve been lusting over. Indulge in some retail therapy. Have some guilt-free chocolate. Buy that $60 full body massage (I’m particularly fond of this suggestion). Splurge with a six-hour binge YouTube session.

If you’re not picking up what I’m putting down, then you need to go watch The Office.


Sleep babe, S L E E P

Get that desperately needed shut-eye. Hit that recommended 7-9 hours of sleep each night. I find this extremely challenging because as soon as it hits 10pm I become hyper af. So, what I would recommend here (do as I say, not as I do), is each night make your bedtime 15mins earlier. If you normally go to bed at 1.30am don’t suddenly slip under the covers at 10pm and expect a miracle. Let’s be realistic people.


Look forward to something

Now this is a personal fave. Being a big picture kind of gal, this really speaks to me on a transcendent level. Plan a road trip with all your best pals, spend the weekend down in Melbourne, hit up Splendour or if you’re feeling really naughty why not head on overseas in July. Having something to look forward to will hopefully give you that push you need to survive the rest of this semester.

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