The 10 Perks of Being a Student

When you’re on 3 hours sleep, have an exam the next day that you haven’t started studying for, and are 7 weeks behind on lecture notes, it’s tough to see the benefits that being a university student has to offer. While the graduate life of paying off our HECS debt is just around the corner, we should take time now to enjoy these moments of being a student!

1. Student discounts

Whether you be clothes shopping on ASOS, at the movies, or getting your nails done, you can always rely on a trusty student discount to save you those much needed few dollars.


2. Endless partying

Between the themed parties, pub crawls, trivia nights, overnight camps, sporting events, or even just happy hour at the Underground; you’ll always have an excuse to have a good time.


3. Opal concession

The trauma of catching public transport every day is slightly alleviated with that $2.50 capped fee.


4. Different worlds combine for a cultural learning experience

Why visit Asia when your Chinese friend already knows the best place to try their cuisine? Why visit the Middle East when your Syrian friend can just play their music for you? Why visit the North Shore when your Mossman friend is happy to give you a ride in their Mercedes?


5. The 5-month long holiday break

Hello, Europe!


6. Napping/crying privileges

Feel free to doze off or break into a stress cry anywhere on campus without judgement. Let it out, hun.


7. Cheaper Spotify Premium

Nothing like some ad-free Mozart to help you write a 5000-word Management essay.


8. Sense of identity

You’re automatically a part of a team that you’re obligated to support wholeheartedly and passionately when students of other universities are nearby.


9. Tinder conversation starters

Hit them with that “so… what are you studying?”


10. The best part of all

There’s always someone going through the same thing alongside you.

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