Apps that will Improve your Productivity

Today I sat down to do my economics quiz. What followed was four hours of mindless YouTube watching. Whilst the top 5 upsets in Olympic history, Chris Evans’ reunion with his dog and Jonah Hill’s opening monologue for Saturday Night Live made for some pretty entertaining viewing, I had to admit that I may have procrastinated a little too hard on this one.

But do our phones always have to be the bad guy? No my friend, they do not. Check out these apps aimed at helping students improve their productivity:


Google Calendar

I recently made the switch from a physical diary to this app. It was difficult for about 48 hours, but after that, I was head over heels. It has automatically sunk up with my class timetable and it takes about 6 seconds to schedule in an appointment, meeting, dinner, etc. The best part? It is always with me. I can’t even count the number of times I would forget my diary last year, or be out with friends and make spontaneous plans that I wanted to pen in immediately.



My sister actually recommended this to me, and boy is it a real eye opener. As long as you keep it open on your phone, it will track your phone usage. It is currently 11.51am and I have already spent 1 hour 53 minutes on my phone…It tallies how often you pick up your phone (I will not be sharing that one with you), and you can set usage goals.

If you’re addicted to your phone like me, it is a must.


Focus Keeper

This one I use for study. It allows you to time your study sessions using the Pomodoro technique.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, a Pomodoro session essentially breaks up your study into 25 minutes of work and then a 5 minute break. After 4 sessions, you get a longer break. This method has been proven to increase productivity, as well as work quality. One could even argue that it is the HIIT of study.



Do you love a to-do list? Good, me too. This app essentially allows you to make list after list. It is a great way to keep track of those measly tasks you have to complete. For example, book that dentist appointment.

Not going to lie, that chime that sounds when you tick off a task is addictive…


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