What Recruiters Look For During An Interview

Knowledge of the Role/Organisation

Make sure you do your research before stepping into the room. Recruiters need to find a candidate that is a cultural-fit for the company. So you’ll be one step ahead if you already have an understanding of the organisation’s values and their mission.

As an extension of this, make sure know the ins and outs of the role you are applying for. If the job heavily involves customer service, for example, in your interview answers you can work to highlight how you have exhibited strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Your prior research will also show a genuine interest in the business itself.



First impressions count – so it’s probably best to not be late. Make sure you allow time for traffic, a cancelled train and a quick espresso shot.


Body Language

Without doubt a huge player when it comes to non-verbal communication. Body language is key. Make eye-contact with those interviewing you, be sure to throw in a smile or two and who doesn’t love a good ol’ handshake?! Avoid crossing your arms, hunching in your chair, being distracted or maintain that infamous RBF. All of the above can come across as defensive and/or standoffish.



In my research for this article, this one definitely took me by surprise. Unsurprisingly, most if not all candidates that step into an interview are qualified (i.e. they’ll all have the required Finance degree) and most of them will blab on about the great skillset they have. However, what can really differentiate you from other candidates is using actual real life examples of how you have used your amazing leadership skills, for example.

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