Which Type of UTS Student Are You?

One of the best things about studying at UTS is the vast variety of personality types that we all come to know and love. Can’t recall someone that suits a type on the list? It’s probably you.


1. The Athlete

Rumour has it that every UTS student with the words “Eat, grind, repeat” and the 100 emoji in their Instagram bio automatically qualifies for a “UTS Elite Athlete” backpack.

2. The Flash

Sits next to the door of your tutorial for easy access to rush off as soon as it ends. When faced with the all too common “At the far end of the Central Tunnel with 5 minutes until your train” dilemma; they’re the ones that knock over any tunnel walker in their path to make it on time.

3. The Late-Comer

If you’ve ever been knocked over by said Flash in the Central Tunnel, this is probably you. They have no sense of urgency or shame in walking into class late, Chamber’s Coffee in hand, despite everyone turning around to stare at them.

4. The Bubble Tea Enthusiast

Wholesome and innocent, these Chatime lovers’ fatal flaw is that they can’t walk from Central to uni without spending $6.50 on the sugary treat. Often found discussing the best flavours or convincing their uncultured friends to try. “Whoops, I bought one again today, haha.” – Everyone in the UTS Library

5. The Library “Studier”

Goes to the library to indulge in the illusion that they’re getting work done when really, they’re online shopping, on Facebook, or gossiping with friends. If you sit on level 3 expecting to study, you’re a fraud and you’ve already failed. Shout out to the entire BSoc Committee & friends.

6. The dOnE With Life

Starts assignments after the due date because “it’s only a 5% penalty”. Hasn’t attended a lecture since Week 1. Pretty sure they’ve used up all their tutorial absences but willing to roll the dice anyway.

7. The Dedicated

Catch them on Level 5 of the library…even in the first week of semester. Has beautifully typed up to date lecture notes and can always be trusted in a group assignment, even though they make you feel entirely disorganised. These people are rare but must be protected at all costs.

8. The Fashionista

Most likely a DAB student, these fashion kings and queens don’t necessarily wear designer labels, however they THEMSELVES are designer people. Cool like a cat, these people carry an air of confidence and look good even in the unflattering tones of Building 5’s Green Room.

9. The European

Not actually European, but has just come back from a summer Europe trip on which they FoUnD tHeMsElVeS and trust me, you’ll hear about. Easily spotted due to their glowing tan and graze from when they fell off that darned moped in Barcelona.

10. The Alcoholic

Every night is student night for this type of student, especially Sheaf Wednesdays. Constantly hungover and tactically only scheduled themselves for afternoon classes. “Oi, beers in the Underground after the lecture?”

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