Day in the Life: BSOC President

Are you ready for a hard hitting exposé on what the average day is like for our Business Society President? Well we probably won’t live up to your expectations but enjoy!

The president himself wanted to preface that: “I’m writing this as an insight into what goes into running a faculty society and certainly not as a guide to an organised, healthy or balanced lifestyle.”

So without further ado, let’s see how he starts the day.

1. Go to sleep

Why is going to sleep the first thing I do you ask? Well if you consistently go to bed after 12am, that’s technically the first thing you’ve done that day right?

2. Wake Up

Whoever said that ‘early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’ was a liar. No matter how early I go to bed, I’ve never woken up before 6:30 and not felt like I was dying.


3. Read through the night owl messages

On the off chance that someone on the team has sleeping/working habits that are less healthy than mine, I get to enjoy some morning work messages that were sent to me at 3am (I’m looking at you Alex Cheng).


4. Eat a breakfast of champions

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but as someone who enjoys hitting that snooze button one too many times, an OJ and Berocca (maybe a banana on a good day) is pretty perfect.

5. Decide what I’m actually doing today

A key life lesson I’ve learnt this year is that nothing goes to plan. Stuff always comes up and what I’m doing constantly changes week to week. My biggest morning dilemma is should I go to work and get paid or attend those meetings and write that report for BSoc? And no, I don’t get paid to do BSoc work.

6. Inevitably end up running late

A president is never late, everyone else is simply early.


7. Attend morning classes

Usually it’s a morning of German language seminars. I like to spend the 2 hours avoiding eye contact with my tutor so as not to reveal how far behind I am. Don’t worry, I’ll catch up eventually, just not last night.


8. Lunchtime!

Where I end up at lunchtime depends entirely on who I’m with, but somehow with all the different places that are within 100m of UTS it usually ends up being a rotation of the same 5 places.


9. Spend a couple hours working in the BSoc office

Yes, BSoc has an office and yes unlike the library I never have to go into full gladiator mode to get a working space. It has plenty of pluses, but the second another person walks in, productivity drops to zero. What can I say, I love to chat!


10. Evening event

Because classes and work are happening during the day, almost always our events happen in the evening. Going home in daylight hours just feels unnatural now to be honest.


11. Evening roast!

Its 8pm and time to get roasted in the groupchat! Whether I foolishly decided to show off my graphic design skills (or lack thereof), misheard the waiter at dinner and ended up with stinky fish noodles or enjoyed the networking wines a bit too much, it’s time for the insults to fly. Don’t worry; one doesn’t get to be BSoc president without some thick skin the ability to throw it back twice as bad as anyone else.


12. Hometime

Getting home at 10pm is all fun and games until the house is pitch black and you trip over your dog in the darkness. My parents go to bed at 9-9:30. I’ve forgotten what they look like. Maybe someday I’ll get home at a reasonable time, but not today.


13. Work time

Lol jks, any time before 12am is strictly allocated to stressfully procrastinating before suddenly its 2am and ‘whatever I’ll just do it tomorrow’ kicks in.

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