8 Habits of a P’s Student

We’ve all heard the saying that P’s get degrees, if you resonate with some of these be proud! Because let’s be real, that’s all you need to do anyway.

1. “Attendance isn’t compulsory”

Why go to a lecture when you’ve got the slides downloaded? Why go to a tute when the tutor doesn’t mark the role ? There’s always that one guy who has to ask you if the class is compulsory or not just to justify the fact that when he asked he was never going to go no matter what the answer was. It’s the thought that counts right?…..


2. Highlighting Queen

That person who loves to make themselves seem like they are ultra-productive but in reality they just look it. Did someone say yellow was good for memorisation? Enough said we all know that someone.

3. The “It’s Wednesday I deserve a drink or three” mindset 

Did you know the Loft sells jugs of Sangria? or that the Underground has a happy hour? FACT! but gosh all that highlighting and chatting obnoxiously loud on level 3 of the library surely deserves a pint or two mid week, oh and remember attendance isn’t compulsory right! so cue the hangover.


4. “I’ll do the readings in Stuvac”

Let’s be honest, stuvac may stand for ‘study vacation’ but who actually cares about the first part?


5. Constantly asking their friends when things are due

They printed the subject outline first week of semester, highlighted some random dates and even found UTS Online (snaps for you) yet somehow they can’t seem to remember if it was 11:59 am or pm the quiz was due or what week the essay was getting collected.


6. Doesn’t think the subject is relevant to their career

Dear the first year student who grinds 3x a week at Daddy’s firm, MPO and group assignments are calling…oh whats that you just wanna live and breathe finance and these core subjects don’t have anything to do with your future career, oh I’m sorry want me to give you a multiple-choice final exam to make up for it?

Sincerely those ‘bludge’ subjects


7. Relying on NaTuRaL aBiLiTy

“I did this in year 12” – News Flash even though you still wear your jersey to uni you graduated 2 years ago mate ! Natural ability or talent if you will, some people are just born with it you know. Studying last minute, helping others with their work before studying yourself, naturally a good talker a.k.a winging life …. so how’d that closed book exam work out for you?


8. Making Excuses 

“I came in to uni for one lecture and it’s also my boyfriend’s cousin’s dad’s dog’s birthday so I mean its been pretty hectic today I’ll leave the studying for tomorrow”…. CLASSIC!




But hey, at the end of the day P’s really do get degrees!

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