3 Fun and entertaining things you can do during the holidays!

3 Fun and entertaining things you can do during the holidays!

Seen everything on Netflix? Don’t know what else to do? Here’s 3 fun and entertaining things you can do during the holidays!

Talk to a Friend

Being a university student makes keeping in touch hard, so when you get the chance, snap, text or Face-time a friend. It will make your day!

Often your friends are going through similar situations to you, so talk to each other about uni, work, and your love life – duh! This will increase your sense of belonging, boost your happiness and reduce stress.

Plan to meet up with friends that you miss! This will help you maintain strong friendships, improve your self-confidence and cope with whatever you’re going through. 


It’s easy to feel tired and burnt out when you’re on your uni break. You’re probably lying in your bed as you’re reading this. But you’re going to need to move again. So start working out now!

Working out boosts your energy, improves your mood and is fun and social. So start exercising with your B.F.F or S.O! Even if it’s just a half hour walk and talk, you will feel much healthier and happier.

Not only does working out aid in weight management, it also improves brain function, blood pressure, heart health and reduces feelings of anxiety and depression. So work out for your health and wellbeing! 

Read a book

Want to escape your troubles? Transport yourself to another world by having a good old read! Relate and empathise with the characters and use your imagination. Enjoy the journey! Feels like an accomplishment when you finish!

Not a fan of fiction? Read a biography, a news article, a blog. Whether it is sport, finance, the latest celeb hook-up, pick it up and have a read! It’ll do you good!

Why not watch a movie instead? Because reading has so many health benefits! Reading improves brain connectivity, increases vocabulary and comprehension and aids in sleep readiness. So be sure to read a book to stay happy and healthy these holidays! You’ll feel refreshed and ready for when uni starts.

Written By Ellen Kalantzis

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