5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Pie Maker

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Pie Maker

During the peak of the COVID-19 lockdown I think everyone went through a phase where at home baking was at an all-time high. Chrissy Teigen’s banana bread was splashed across everyone’s Instagram feed, TikTok cooking had skyrocketed as well with the at-home hacks of how to bake, and Gigi Hadid got a look in when she released her version of vodka pasta (a must try).  With nothing left to do and driven by sheer boredom, baking had taken off. For one thing, baking and cooking had taken off in my household. 


Now that we can enjoy the simple things of like such as eating out and not only enjoying the company of your immediate family or roommates. Baking has still a habit that has consumed some of my free time. I find that baking paired with the background noise of a pre-recorded lecture makes me feel extra productive. Getting through the university semester with baked goods sounds alright to me.

I had experimented with all sorts of cuisines and baked goods. Had more of an allegiance to the baked good side of things. Converting from spending money on outfits that I was not going to wear out as we were in a serious lockdown, I began to branch out and buy kitchen appliances. This cooking thing in lockdown may have hit an all-time low or all-time high (depends on how much you like brownies). It began with a simple donut maker. A crowd favourite – within 10 minutes I had cinnamon donuts. But as the more time I spent online and my Facebook feed shoving kitchen appliances in my face. My sister and I stumbled upon a pie maker. This caught my eye as people were raving about this K-mart pie maker that had changed the game completely. Which leads me to my five reasons why you should buy a pie maker.

  1. Bored at home between lectures or tutorials. You have some leftover food in the fridge. Pair it with pastry and within 8 to 10 minutes you have a streaming hot pie. So not only are you getting more bang for your buck, but it also is reducing food wastage. 
  2. Not a huge fan of pies? An unpopular opinion but nonetheless you can do more with a pie maker. I am talking a cheesecake swirl brownie, gozleme and any muffin you can think of.
  3. You are having people over to entertain, and you get a bit carried away. Next thing you know you need something salty and what a way to kick that itch then with making a home-made pie or quiche. 
  4. It’s a money saver! No longer are you going to want to go buy a pie and watch the footy. You can literally make a dozen pies for the price of one. 
  5. Finally, the pie maker is only $29 from K-mart. Now that’s if you make it out of K-mart with only the one item and don’t get carried away (hard to do). 

There it is, I rest my case. You really should go buy a piemaker. 

This post is in no way sponsored by Kmart, although we wish it were…

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