5 Ways Tech Can Assist Students and Workers With Disabilities

5 Ways Tech Can Assist Students and Workers With Disabilities

At UTS Business Society, we aim to provide an accessible and holistic uni experience to student members. So, we thought it important to also provide members who may be living with disabilities with a few tips for using tech to boost their study and work possibilities. With this in mind, here are just some of the ways these students can use tech to reach their potential. 

Find a Flexible Side Gig 

When you have a full class schedule, working full-time can be tricky. That’s why working as an Upwork virtual assistant, or in any other flexible gig, can be a perfect fit for so many different needs and lifestyles. If you have the skills to be a virtual assistant, you can open yourself up to countless freelance opportunities by creating a profile on job boards like Upwork. Most sites offer apps as well, so you can find remote gigs on the go.

Network and Connect 

Working or attending school online can be more convenient for students living with disabilities. Networking and staying social, however, can also be a major challenge. Although working and studying from home can be much safer these days, staying connected to your fellow students can also be crucial for your mental well-being and your job prospects. So be sure to check out virtual events and to join networking groups on social.  

Attend Uni From Home 

Earning a business degree can net you a bigger paycheck and increase your career prospects. You can use that degree to snag a position in accounting, finance, or marketing. If you prefer to have more flexibility, you can also put that degree toward starting your own consulting business. Better yet, you can study from home to earn your basic or advanced business degree. However, be sure to come up with a daily routine that will keep you productive. 

Increase Productivity 

Speaking of productivity, you can also use tech to keep you focused on school and work projects. There are several productivity apps you can download to your phone right now to help with remote tasks, including RescueTime and Todoist. Many of these popular productivity tools, like Dragon NaturallySpeaking, are also assistive technologies, which can make them particularly useful for workers or students living with disabilities. These productivity tips from BSoc can also help you make the most of your daily routine. 

Jumpstart a New Career 

By now you know that tech can come in handy for finding work while you attend uni, but you can also use tech to land your first job after you’ve completed your studies. Now you will need to begin by building a polished resume and there are plenty of tips online that can help you. If you need a little more help creating a resume that will impress potential employers, you can also give one of these free resume-building services a try. 

Studying or working can be a bit more challenging for those who are living with disabilities. Thankfully, tech can make both uni and career goals more accessible for these students and can provide safer work and learning opportunities for all. 

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