Alternative Student Jobs If You’re Sick Of Working In Retail

Alternative Student Jobs If You’re Sick Of Working In Retail

Let’s face it, retail kind of sucks. Working with customers who don’t know what a ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ is even if it slapped them in the face. Having to fold and hang endless amounts of clothes to only have people mess up your hard work every 5 minutes, and always having to listen (with a smile on your face) to the joke “no price tag? Must be free!”

Don’t you worry, we’re here to save you from the misery that is retail. Here are 9 job ideas for when you have absolutely had enough of retail.

1. Sports Coach

Are you alright at a particular sport? Then why not capitalise on the skills you have developed. Sports coaches are always in short supply and hence you can often negotiate a very good hourly rate. Coaching is also a highly rewarding job, you practically get paid to improve kids’ skills and confidence.

To get involved as a sports coach approach your local sports club or high school with sports programmes. Schools and clubs are always on the lookout and will be able to point you in the direction of a team looking for a coach.

2. Bar Work

Are you a bit of a party animal who enjoys a cheeky bev? Then being a bartender is the job for you. Bartending is one of the most fun jobs you could grab. Not only do you get to serve up drinks all night long, you get to have great conversations with your customers and make some lifelong mates with your co-workers.

Bartenders get paid a pretty good rate as well, and as you will often be working on weekends you’ll probably get a good weekend rate (depending on your place of work).

To become a bartender, make sure you get qualified and get your Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA). It is illegal to be a bar tender in NSW without your RSA.

3. Tutor

Are you good with the books and grabbed yourself a couple of band 6’s in the HSC, or some distinctions at uni? Then it’s time to capitalise on that brain of yours and earn some cash for your hard work.

Tutoring is a seriously EASY job. All you have to do is sit down for an hour and help with problems, essays etc. Also, did we mention that you can charge an insanely high rate for being a tutor. Depending on your qualifications you can charge anything from $40 -$100 dollars an hour.

If you don’t particularly like to move and you have a bit of a brain, then send over your CV to a tutoring company or be your own private tutor!

4. Entrepreneur

Are passionate about a certain cause or have enviable skills? Why not go freelance and start your own side hustle? I mean we are business students after all, why not put our education to the test?

With social media it is so easy to make a name for yourself online, by starting your own business you can build a website, have a Facebook page or Instagram account. There are so many ways you can get out there. If you’re a little stuck for entrepreneurial ideas, here are some:

  • Good with make up? Become a freelance make up artist
  • Good with a camera? Become an events photographer
  • Have a knack for writing? Become a freelance writer
  • Got a thing for arts and crafts? Become a jewellery designer
  • Good with a camera but hate people? Sell your photos to stock image sites (e.g. Shutterstock)
  • Good at selling yourself? Sell downloadable resume or cover letter templates

There are so many side hustles that you could do inconjuction with your degree, all you had to do is find what you’re good at and milk it!

5. Paid Internship

Want to earn some money and do something related to your degree? Then a paid internship is an option for you.

Although paid internships are hard to get a hold of, if you manage to secure one you will earn some money on top off gaining invaluable work experience that will look amazing on your CV. Make sure you keep an eye on UTS CareerHub and keep networking in order to find opportunities for a paid internship.

6. Receptionist

Love having a chat with people and are bit of an extrovert? Then why not be a receptionist and get paid to talk to people!

Most businesses need a receptionist so there are plenty of receptionist jobs going around. Make sure you hand your CV to as many places as possible and emphasise your extroverted nature and big smile!

7. Dog Walker

Love animals and going for a walk? Dog walking is fun, you get to play with cute doggies, and you get to be fit.

Think that is all that needs to be said.

8. Uber Driver

Do you have a bit of spare time on your hands, your full license, and a car? Then sounds like being an Uber driver isn’t a bad gig for you.

Being an Uber driver is easy, you get to meet cool people, and you can work at whatever hours suits you! For such a flexible and easy job, Uber is an extremely great option for busy uni students.

9. Nanny

Who doesn’t love kids? Well some people… but if you do then why not be a nanny?

Nannying is a pretty easy job that requires a bit of cooking, washing, cleaning and playing with kids. Most nannying jobs will take place in the day which means you can save your nights for your friends. On top of this you are getting paid to take care of a cute (or not) kid.

You can find nannying jobs through your own personal connections or sign up to a nannying website like juggle street.

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