Karaoke in the Underground

Are you an avid shower singer? No? Well you’re just lying to yourself.

We welcome the good, the bad and the downright terrible performers to BSOC’s fun-filled karaoke night! There will be singing and there will be a bar tab!

If those two things alone can’t get you to come, maybe rock up to support a good cause?

At our karaoke night all the proceeds will be going to a charity organisation known as Black Dog. They are dedicated to understanding and preventing mental illness.

So for a fun filled night that will allow you tick off your good deed of the day, come on down to the Underground at 5:30pm on Friday the 1st of June!



TIME: 5:30pm to 8:00pm
DATE: Friday 1st June
LOCATION: UTS Underground
PRICE: $5 members, $10 non-members
TICKETS: http://bsockaraokeintheug.getqpay.com/


For any questions feel free to message us on our Facebook page or email us at socialjustice@bsoc.activateuts.com.au