UNSW BSOC x SUBS x UTS BSOC Presents: Intervarsity Tournament

Do you have BALLS for a battle between the 3 top universities? Do you want to flex that your university is the best in the FIELD? Then this is an opportunity you cannot PASS on!

The Intervarsity Sports Tournament has FINALLY RETURNED in 2018 for both guys AND girls of UNSW, USYD and UTS to go head to head in heated matches for:


Are you a one KICK wonder? And the only shots you can take are TAGquila shots??? Compete in your oztag team!

Are you basically Stephen Curry without all of his skills??? Compete in your basketball team!

Can you bend it like Beckham or make a sneaky substitution or two??? Compete in your soccer team!

If you don’t want to join any teams, come anyway as FREE PIZZA will also be provided and you can watch your university win this tournament!

We’re not MESSI-ng around..

DATE: Saturday 7th July
PLACE: Sydney Boys High School Gym
PRICE: $5 individual registration
SPORTS: Oztag, Football, Basketball
UNSW BSOC Students:
Register through this link:
https://goo.gl/forms/eFAw8ihR92vGozNv1, deadline at 11:59PM Saturday 26th May
If you have any queries, please email us at sports@unswbsoc.com

USYD SUBS Students:
Register through this link:
Feel free to email us at sports@subsoc.com.au if you have any questions

UTS BSOC Students:
Register through this link:
Please email us any questions : sport@bsoc.activateuts.com.au

Note: Registration is only for BUSINESS STUDENTS from each university.