UTS BSoc, UTSoC & KYHO presents: St. Patty’s Day Party

UTS BSoc, UTSoC & KYHO presents: St. Patty’s Day Party

A few fun facts to lighten up your day:

119.5 Seconds – The time to pour a perfect pint of Guinness.

3 Feet – The average height of a Leprechaun.

4 – the number of leaves on a lucky clover.

15th of March – The day BSoc, UTSoC & KYHO Networking are hosting St. Patrick’s Day at The Underground before moving to Sidebar.

To be sure to be sure, pick up your shamrocks and dress in green, St. Patty’s Day is here ya see! Come on down to celebrate the culture of the green, white and orange for a night of dancing and blasting U2.

Enjoy this ‘Beautiful Day’ with a glass of stout in your hand and the roads will rise to meet you with the wind being forever at your back!

So grab your fiddles,
strum your guitars,
people will come from here and far,
for a night that you won’t (but will) forget,
head down to Sidebar for your best bet!

BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE: https://stpaddysdayparty-event.getqpay.com/



DATE: Friday 15th March 2019
TIME: 7pm
LOCATION: Meet at UTS’ The Underground for some drinks before we follow the rainbow on to Sidebar for a boogie and an Irish dance
TICKETS: Members: $10 (All 3 societies included)
Non-Members: $15
TICKET INCLUSIONS: 1 drink at The Underground and skip the queue, free entry and 1 drink at Sidebar
TICKET LINK: https://stpaddysdayparty-event.getqpay.com/


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to message the UTS Business Society’s, UTS Communications Society’s or KYHO Networking’s Facebook pages.

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