Apps All University Students Need

Apps All University Students Need

University can be a daunting experience for everyone, what with having to meet new people, learn a new place and keep up with your work via your own motivation. Luckily, the wonderful world of apps is here to help make this period of your life a little bit easier. There are many apps out there which can be useful for study, organisation, university life, and even for finding a cheeky cheap beverage after a long day of classes.

Study Apps – Helpful apps for studying!


  • Capture and organise notes, files, photos, and voice memos in one place
  • Syncs across your devices
  • Make to-do lists
  • Can share with friends
  • Can input scanned handwritten notes (for those wanting their notes digitised)
  • It’s FREE

Study Blue

  • Create digital flashcards, share them amongst friends
  • Can provide quizzes for you to test yourself (results can be tracked allowing you to identify where you need to improve)
  • Hold study material that can accessed across devices
  • It’s FREE


  • Create mind maps on your mobile device, helpful for visual learners
  • It’s FREE

Organisation Apps – Great apps for keeping you organised!


  • Keep your schedule and calendar in one place;
  • Create shared calendars – these are great for groups, as each members’ schedule is in one calendar it makes it easier to organise plans; save memos and tentative events
  • Works across devices
  • It’s FREE

myHomework Student Planner

  • Compile a list of all the homework, assignments, tests and projects due
  • Has a calendar which allows you to see when things are due and how much time you have before then
  • It’s FREE


  • Create to-do lists for anything
  • Lists can be shared with friends or family
  • Shared to-do lists can be commented on, attach pdfs or images, and even presentations
  • Perfect for group assignments
  • It’s FREE

Stressed? – Apps to help you unwind!

The Happiest Hour

Ever just had a really long day at Uni? Even if it’s only been an hour lecture, sometimes it can be nice to grab a few mates a grab a cheap drink after classes. This can be a great way to find a good place with cheap meals and/or drinks which won’t hurt your budget student wallet too hard.


  • Provides info on nearby pubs, bars, restaurants, etc. that currently have special deals or a happy hour on
  • It’s FREE


University life can often be a very hard period of life, being a new and stressful world for those coming out of school. Sometimes the last thing you want to think about is that assignment that’s due and how the hell are you going to finish it with everything else you have on.


  • Easy way to meditate or just calm you down
  • Help you get to sleep after a long day
  • It’s FREE

University Apps – Useful apps for UTS life

UTS Mobile

  • Provides helpful tips for new students
  • Map for understanding how to get around campus
  • News from within UTS
  • Locations of computers
  • Library information
  • It’s FREE


  • Access UTSOnline via mobile
  • Can check your marks
  • Check updates from tutors
  • Subject’s information/documents, marks, due dates
  • It’s FREE

Lost On Campus

  • Provides a more detailed map of university’s campus – not only buildings but classrooms, lecture theatres, labs
  • Also other useful info on other needs in the student lifestyle
  • Provides locations of good coffee spots, toilets, food, parking, good study areas, printing and more
  • It’s FREE

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