Best Places To Eat On Campus

Best Places To Eat On Campus

UTS is lucky enough to be smack bang right in the middle of heaps of delicious and CHEAP spots to eat. No matter what cuisine you’re looking for, when you’re at uni you will always be able to find somewhere to eat that is student-budget friendly. This is your guide to all the best spots to grab a bite during a day at uni.

1. Chinese Noodle Restaurant (a.k.a. Dodgy Dumplings)

160 Thomas St, Haymarket

Formally known as Chinese Noodle Restaurant (but more commonly known as Dodgy Dumplings,) this Chinese restaurant is an absolute favourite amongst BSoc. Don’t be fooled, the dumplings are far from dodgy. For only $12 you get a big bunch of 10 delicious dumplings. There are heaps of different flavours, but pan-fried pork and chive dumplings and the eggplant dumplings are a couple of the most popular flavours.

Outside of dumplings, this Chinese restaurant has an abundance of other cheap and delicious meals to choose from. Dodgy Dumplings is a great spot to have a cup of free herbal tea and some dumplings to calm you down in the middle of your busy day at uni.

2. Jumbo Thai

10/79 Quay St, Haymarket

Jumbo Thai is a quick, convenient and (most importantly) cheap spot to have some lunch on campus. This Thai takeaway restaurant is an enormously popular spot for UTS students as it is located just up the road from the UTS library.  Everything on the takeaway menu is $8, and their food also comes in insanely large portions, it’s basically two meals for $8.

Some of the favourites from this menu include the green curry, panang curry, pad thai and pad see ew. If you are undertaking a late-night study grind at the library, then Jumbo Thai is the spot for you.

3. Sushi Hub

2/815-825 George St, Haymarket

If you are a lover of all thing’s sushi make sure you stop by Sushi Hub. Located right across from Central Station, Sushi Hub is a convenient and cheap place to grab your next chicken teriyaki roll. This sushi joint boasts a large variety of all different kinds of sushi, so you’ll be sure to find the type of sushi to satisfy your tastes.

Did we mention that they also have a sushi train? With most sushi rolls costing something lower than $3.50, Sushi Hub is a great place to grab a quick bite as you are making your way from Central to campus.  

4. Pho Pasteur

709 George St, Haymarket

Do you have a pho obsession? Lucky for you UTS is host to a number of amazing Pho restaurants right near campus. One of our favourite places for a warm bowl of pho is Pho Pasteur. Located only a couple of minutes’ walk from UTS, Pho Pasteur has a number of different kinds of delicious pho for you to choose from (but you can’t go wrong with a classic beef pho).

A bowl will cost you $14 but the portions are massive, and you probably will be able to take a bit of pho away for later in the day.

5. Marrickville Pork Roll

Steam Mill Lane, Haymarket

If you are a lover of banh mi (also referred to as Vietnamese rolls,) then this is the place for you. Marrickville Pork Roll is situated a couple of minutes’ walk from UTS and is the home of the best banh mi near campus. They are highly regarded for their pork rolls, which are only $6!

We’re not kidding when we say that these pork rolls are HUGE. It’s guaranteed that this six-dollar meal will leave you very full and very happy. If you need a break from your study grind, Marrickville Pork Roll should definitely be your next study break feed.

6. Spice Alley

Kensington St, Chippendale

This little alley of Asian eateries is a 5-minute walk up George street from UTS. Spice Alley is a small, jam packed alleyway full of lanterns and quaint little Asian eateries that cover almost all Asian cuisines. There is a varying range of prices and dishes, so you will be bound to find a dish that suits your budget and taste.  If you are feeling like you need a bit of a walk after a hard day at uni, then make sure to head to Spice Alley.  

And that is only the beginning! These are some of our favourites but there are so many places on campus that are worth checking out, so start exploring! Your taste buds will be grateful!

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