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Budget Wrap Up

Written by Kristine Vergara, for UTS Business Society.   Introduction There were several implications for start-ups in the Budget 2018 announcement made in May 2018 [1].   Research & Development (R&D) Tax Incentive The Government has supported Australian innovation and research through the R&D Tax Incentive. A review of this incentive found that the program Read more about Budget Wrap Up[…]

Most Desired Attributes of Business Graduates

Competition to get into a graduate scheme is fierce; there are often several applicants 100 applicants for 1 open spot. A recent survey by the Financial Times showed what companies see as the most important skills for business students. While people skills and problem-solving skills were at the top of the list, highly specialised skills Read more about Most Desired Attributes of Business Graduates[…]

The 4 Personalities of the Workplace: Which one are you?

Behavioural science researchers have discovered that 75% of the population are significantly different from you. No one is completely true to type. The average person will have most of the characteristics of their dominant style but not all of them. There are four styles of people, none of which is better or worse than any of Read more about The 4 Personalities of the Workplace: Which one are you?[…]