How To Build Your Resume

How To Build Your Resume

Many students at university find that their main goal is to make their resume as impressive as possible; whether that mean studying a specific degree, taking up a certain major or just working at prestigious places. Everyone wants their resume to stand out.

With summer vacationer positions and graduate programs becoming more and more competitive it’s good to start thinking about how you can stand out from the rest of your cohort. To help you achieve that, we thought we’d show you how you can build your resume.

Take on Internships

This must seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many students have never done an internship before. A study commissioned by the federal education department found 58% of people aged 18 to 29 had done unpaid work experience in the past five years.

In the business degree at UTS there is an option to undertake a ‘Business Internship’ as part of your studies, which allows you to get course credit for the internship. Internships are a great way to expose yourself to the career you are aspiring to pursue. You build your network organically and you really improve on your soft skills, such as communication, adaptability and creativity.

Get involved in Societies

Many times, I’ve walked into an interview and the main subject I bring up when answering questions is my time on the UTS Business Society. Now this was mainly due to the questions they’d ask requiring examples of teamwork, leadership and time management; and as much as it is fun and games to join a society you actually learn a lot.

Abbie Baisden, content editor for graduate recruitment website stated that in regard to student’s involvement with clubs and societies, that they are “always impressive on a CV. They show commitment to something aside from your degree, and makes you […] a three dimensional candidate.”

Not only do you learn quite a bit but when you’re involved with a society, employers typically view it as a good gage as to how involved you’ll be at their company. So depending on your interests, I’d definitely recommend getting involved.


Volunteering for causes that you’re passionate about is never going to be a bad thing. You’ll have a good talking point to bring up and it’ll make you stand out given how genuine you come across.

It’s widely acknowledged that volunteering benefits the community, leaves you glowing at the fact you’ve done something good, and provides support and resources to those who need it most. But you should also probably know that, according to SEEK, 92% of employers said relevant volunteer experience gives candidates an advantage in job interviews.

International Experiences

Adding an international experience is always a good way to stand out. Many employers associate completing an overseas experience, as a way of showcasing how an individual is independent, driven and adaptable. 

According to the QS Global Employer Survey Report, 6 out of 10 employers around the world give extra credit for an international student experience, and more than 80% said they actively sought graduates who had studied abroad.  

And there you go! There are plenty of ways that you can improve your resume! We hope this helped you in your endeavour to make your CV stand out.

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