How to Cash in on the Most of Your Mid-Sem Break (Get it?)

How to Cash in on the Most of Your Mid-Sem Break (Get it?)

With mid-sem break coming up, that can only mean three things; time to binge on Netflix, sleep in (later than you already do…) and of course, panic about assignments right at the very last minute.

This year however, seeing as things are already different, why not spice it up a little and chuck in a fourth thing to keep you busy? Make some cash! 2020 has already been financially stressful enough so we want to provide you with some helpful advice for how to maximise your income and hopefully relieve one stressful aspect of your life! 



Gecko is all about the two things we all love the most; making extra cash and doing our bit for the environment. Gecko is part of the UTS Start-up Initiative, with the CEO Ben Kennedy, himself a member of the UTS Business Society – so you’ll feel good to support your local business! 

Gecko works off the premise that we all have stuff lying around in our house. Perhaps it’s those speakers sitting in the garage, that GoPro that we haven’t found time to use, or that drone that still hasn’t been out for a fly… Whatever it is, it’s worth listing for extra cash! 

If you’re needing a bit of extra cash this mid-sem break, why not lend something you never use? It can be as random as that costume you wore to a party, to cameras, bikes, suits… the list could go on!

To put your mind at ease, Gecko runs in an extremely secure manner ensuring that for every item lent, a bond is in place, with a clear vetting process organised and a stripe payment gateway always set up, to ensure the borrower can be charged if anything is to happen to your item!

So, what are you waiting for? Head to Gecko to make some cash


If you have a skill that you think someone needs, or contrarily are in need of someone’s valuable skills, be sure to check out Airtasker! 

The Sydney-based company is an online and mobile marketplace – so if you have a car and some skills, be sure to get involved to make some cash! 

They literally have everything, from your general handyman, carpet cleaning, removalists and even a private chef! 

Even better, if you want to be involved in work that makes a difference in someone’s Airtasker is just the place to do this. With current restrictions to those over 70, it is highly likely that they will need and greatly appreciate a helping hand around the house during this time.  So, if you’re in need of a specific skill, or believe you have one that could score you some extra cash be sure to head to Airtasker


This one is for the animal lovers out there! Why not make money for looking after cute pets? 

Madpaws provides a wide range of services from pet day care, dog sitting, dog grooming and even a boarding facility for your pets! This service also has a vetting process to ensure that the carers are ethical, safe and will treat your pets like royalty!  

If you’re wanting to make some extra cash, be sure to sign up to Madpaws to be paid for looking after a furry friend… a truly adorable way to make some money


Have a spare space that someone could use? 

Perhaps it’s a garage, an outdoor parking space, a room or even a bedroom for storage space? Why not list it on Spacer to score some extra cash? We couldn’t think of an easier to make cash! 

If you’re in need of a storage space, you’re in luck too! Spacer currently has storage spaces across Australia from Sydney to Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. There’s plenty of space to be shared around

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