How to Effectively Study from Home

How to Effectively Study from Home

As we approach the half-way mark of a particularly crazy first semester, it is a great time to reflect on your ‘Uni from home’ experience so far. The novelty of taking 9am tutorials from the comfort of your bed may have worn off by now, and unfortunately our dear friend ‘Rona does not cancel any impending mid-semester and final exams. But never fear! We have put together a BSoc-approved guide to beat the quarantine procrastination and smash out the rest of your semester. 

  1. Set up a workspace where you feel productive and comfortable

You want your ‘virtual Uni’ space to be conducive to studying and spending long periods of time there. A comfortable chair, good internet connection and a clean space (#MarieKondoLife) are the bare necessities when it comes to studying from home. Stick some motivational quotes up if that keeps you feeling inspired, throw in some hand sanitiser and you’re good to go! (Why not consider the Feng Shui of your study area while you’re at it?)

  • Develop a routine that works for you

Structure can get lost amongst many Netflix sessions and weekdays can begin to merge into weekends. However, when you have a routine in place your productivity will be increased, and you will be less likely to procrastinate. It is important to use your timetable as you normally would, blocking out time to attend tutorials, listen to lectures or join a U-PASS session. Your routine can be uplifted by making daily to-do lists and keeping track of important dates in your calendar. Don’t let an assignment due date creep up on you! 

  • Where possible, simulate your normal Uni environment from home

This is easier said than done, but it is important during these unprecedented times to keep some normality in your life. Ways to mimic a normal uni life from home include;

  • Try to not go on your phone during tutorials;
  • Make time to be ‘home’ from uni and away from your textbooks;
  • Organise ‘library’ study sessions over zoom with your mates;
  • Ask questions and engage with your tutorials; and
  • Engage with clubs and events to ensure you stay connected and social (find out more about how Activate UTS is going virtual here).

The virtual uni world is your oyster. 

  • Invest in your mental and physical health

You can’t pour from an empty cup, so your virtual uni experience will only be as effective as your investment in yourself. Make sure you are taking some time to be outside where possible (whilst social distancing of course) and do things that make you feel happy and alive. Why not have a crack at yoga, or organise a Zoom wine session with your friends? Or download a mental health and wellbeing app? It’s so important during this time to stay connected and healthy. To find out more about supporting your mental or physical health during this time, visit UTS Online.

We’re in this together, so make it count!

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