How To Motivate Yourself To Go To Class

How To Motivate Yourself To Go To Class

With the semester just beginning, our motivation levels are at their highest, but before your high spirits dwindle we thought we’d give you a few ways to motivate yourself to go to class. We understand that going to class can become a chore and honestly quite the novelty, in order to prevent getting to that point then look no further and check out our top motivators for you!

Coffee or Energy Drink (for those non-coffee drinkers)

Before heading on over to your morning classes be sure to grab a coffee, as this is always a good pick me up. For those non-coffee drinkers, there’s nothing like a V-energy drink, RedBull or Powerade to help you energise and boost your mood in the morning.

This simple trick is best used in moderation, as too much caffeine in your system can make you become reliant on the drink in order to not feel fatigued.

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Use your Friends to Motivate You

If you have friends in your classes’ make a pact to motivate each other throughout the semester! If you don’t think that’ll be enough, plan your catch ups with your friends around your class schedule, that way you will feel more obligated to go so that you aren’t just killing time, waiting around for your coffee break.

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Develop Consistent Sleep Patterns

One of the main reasons a lot of people don’t find themselves in good spirits to go to class is because they’re tired. By making a consistent sleeping arrangement, you can easily combat this factor.

To start improving your sleeping patterns we recommend trying to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day/night. Turning off your social media and notifications is a good place to start, the do not disturb feature on your phone will become your best friend.

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Guilt-Trip Yourself

We are not condoning peer pressure, more so making yourself feel guilty for missing tutorials and lectures. Think about it like this: your semester costs approx. $5000 per semester (for the international students even more $$$) and if you divide that up by the number of hours you’re on campus it comes to about $40 an hour. So, if you miss a 1.5 hour tutorial you’re wasting $60 of your own money.

HECS is going to be a pain to pay off no matter what, you might as well make the most of it. Especially since that $60 could easily pay for a few meals or beers!

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Reward Yourself Each Week

Treat yourself with something relaxing or exciting at the end of your week. Some examples could include a night out on the weekend, a dinner or movie night. But even if that is too flashy, consider a tub of ice cream or a swim at your favourite beach (when the weather gets warmer).

Perhaps you could take a step further…maybe even the opportunity to tick off some bucket list essentials, like skydiving, rock climbing or a mini road trip close to home.

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And that’s that, those are our tips to motivating yourself to go to class! Good luck with this semester, you’re gonna smash it!

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