How to Stay Social & Make the Most of Online Uni

How to Stay Social & Make the Most of Online Uni

While you’re reminiscing on the good old days of catching up with friends after class, heading to the loft for a drink or attending an iconic BSoc event, here are some ways to recreate the best parts of the university experience and stay connected.

Have A Library Study Day

Though one of the great perks of online Uni is not having to get dressed or leave your house for class, it can lead to a lot of procrastinating. Why not gather a friend or two and head to the library where you can watch your classes together and get some work done? Sometimes a change of scenery and surrounding yourself with people can do wonders for your productivity levels.

Go Out For Celebratory Drinks After Your Assessments

Got a big assessment coming up? Planning something fun to do whether that’s going for a weekend trip or drinks with some friends is sure to keep your motivation levels up for when work piles up. 

Form A Study Group/Link Up With People From Your Tutorials

While in a traditional tute setting, you could chat to the people on your table about whether anyone else understood that confusing accounting question, zooms can make this situation a bit difficult. A tip that I highly recommend is getting the names of a few people in your tutorials or break out room and messaging them on Facebook. This works great for finding a group for your assignments or even just for some support. 

Attend Online Events

Plenty of societies are still running events online, BSoc recently hosted a Paint & Sip which was a great opportunity for first-year students to meet. So, if you’re in the mood for some fun and a chance to meet some new friends be sure to like the UTS Facebook BSoc page to stay updated!

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