Pivoting Industries in a Pandemic Recap

Pivoting Industries in a Pandemic Recap

Last Thursday BSoc hosted the first of our Pivoting in a Pandemic Panel Series, with a Marketing and Advertising session. Joined by Marketing and Advertising professionals Emma Reeves from Excelerate Marketing, Lisa Leach from Suncorp/OMD and Jacquie Potter from OPR/Howorth, it was incredibly interesting to hear about the changing nature of the industry, key challenges as well as exactly how take advantage of future opportunities in the confusing and overwhelming Covid era. A huge thank you to our amazing speakers for such a great and inspiring chat!!

Missed the event? Not to worry!! 

Here’s a super quick recap of the main lessons and teachings…

What are the main challenges/hurdles that you’ve overcome so far in this confusing time?

ER: Knowing that there will always be the need to change and be flexible. Through building my business initially by targeting start-ups to now the financial sector, I have learnt that you have to have resilience, and to not underestimate the power of a strong network in seeking guidance and support from those that have already been there and done that!

LL:  This time has highlighted the importance to be incredibly quick and adaptive to change. We have strengthened the connection of our national team, through improved technological connection when having to work together and pull resources 

JP: When you’re working from home and experiencing such rapid changes, there are definitely tendencies to second guess yourself. In these testing times it is so important to always back yourself and be your own drive > ultimately you are worthy, you must believe in yourself and be the driver of change in your own career. 

How has your role adapted due to COVID

ER: The biggest changes would have to be finding new ways to engage with clients such as the undeniable frequency of zoom calls and the loss of face to face connection. Working in the unknown has also been challenging, questioning when will we see the client next and how would the present climate have changed in that time?

JP: This time has accelerated the industry for agencies to adapt and service clients with a connection to customers through new types of sales. With everyone online 24/7, communication has been incredibly rapid which has connected the business. Thus, there’s an essential need to be transparent. 

LL: This time has seen a shift in focus to observation and discussion to understand the new ever-changing market for the clients. It has demonstrated a need to creatively problem solve, whilst factoring a lot of replanning and shifting. 

Most Dramatic changes that the Marketing/Advertising Industry is experiencing

LL: The current environment has greatly accelerated trends, such as the advanced capabilities of digitalisation. These include

  • The need to manage data for market strategy and customer privacy
  • The need to find balance between personalisation and invasion of privacy 
  • Digital channels and their negative effects à mental health 

JP: Throughout these changing times, agencies and companies are taking advantages of challenges and changing mediums to engage new audiences. This can be seen in KFC releasing a secret menu on Tik Tok, the relevance of customer testimonials and the current importance of online events to build relationships with new clients.

Which areas of the Industry do you believe offers the greatest value and opportunity for graduating students?

ER: Marketing Research and Strategy – It is so important to have consistency and a clear approach with your strategy to set up the basis for future success. 

LL: I’d say learn what brings you the most personal value. What is your passion? There is definitely opportunity in the digital space, with analytics and measurement becoming more important and there is not a large majority of expertise in this area. 

JP: Performance Marketing – rounds out the process of storytelling to story selling. PR has the opportunity to be hands on and have a touch on all areas, such as providing variety with no two days the same, it is built on lifelong learning and constant reskilling.

Top Tips

ER: Take advantage of areas of the industry which will be more valuable in the coming years such as digitalisation. It is so important to always upskill and stay relevant of the trends and technology; learning is constant. Constantly reflect on your values and consider your strengths and weaknesses, it is integral to feel challenged but also accomplished. 

JP: Be curious and always interested. Don’t be afraid to have that conversation. Give it a go – you never know what opportunities will lead you to and what you will learn from the exposure 

LL: Scare yourself a little bit; get involved in the projects and situations that you’re least comfortable, this the greatest area where growth is established. Don’t run before you can walk: listen to the feedback of those around you to learn. Always ask questions: there is never a stupid question. 

Stay tuned for the next session Series 2 – Finance and Accounting on Thursday the 24th September.  You can check out the event here

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