Social Justice

The Social Justice Portfolio seeks to embody BSoc’s social conscience. This portfolio aims to involve students in helping to contribute to making a positive difference in the UTS community. The team aims to compliment other portfolios in creating fun and informative events by attaching a charity to raise funds and awareness for.

Upcoming Initiatives


Past Initiatives

UTS BSoc Trivia Tuesday

The School of Life foundation is a not-for-profit organisation working in rural Uganda. They build schools to provide communities with quality education. This trivia night, hosted by comedian Artie Gallagher, not only raised funds for this foundation, but also was barrels of fun for the attendees! We raised an incredible $688.50 for this worthwhile cause. 

UTS Pay it Forward Week 2021

UTS Pay it Forward Week was initiated by The Big Lift in 2017. It was a week with online and on-campus events dedicated to celebrating the powerful acts of kindness across the world (and the UTS community). 

One act can make a massive difference to another person and create an ongoing cycle of change. 

UTS Pay it Forward Trivia 2018

Pay it Forward Trivia was a great success in raising funds for Youth Off The Streets.

Teams battled it out to claim the Trivia crown at the Underground on 30th April 2018.

Youth Off The Streets is a non-denominational community organisation working with young people between ages 12-25 who face the challenges of abuse, homelessness and drug or alcohol dependency. 


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