Preparing Yourself to Return to Uni (In Person)!

Preparing Yourself to Return to Uni (In Person)!

The days of barely leaving bed and wearing pyjamas to virtual tutorials are coming to an end. It’s time to top up those opal cards and prepare for a return to campus. This can be an overwhelming time, however, real growth only comes when we step out of our comfort zones – in this case, it means leaving our bedrooms and heading for Ultimo. There are steps you can take to manage stress and prepare for an enjoyable return to campus.

Schedule & set goals

The return to campus is an awesome starting point for self-growth and implementing change in your life. A shift in environment (even if it’s for no more than 2-3 days a week) can spark upgrades in your life. The return to uni is a tangible indicator of what is to come: a year of productivity, growth and success. This will look different for everyone, however it’s an opportunity for anyone to implement new daily routines and goals.

Goals can be big or small, long-term or short-term and can apply to any aspect of life. Writing down goals is an extremely powerful way to manifest success in the future. For example, in order to enrich your social life, you may aim to talk to two new people on campus every time you go. Alternatively, a long-term academic goal may be to achieve a high distinction in a certain subject. Remember that goals – no matter how big or small – can be intimidating at first so be kind to yourself and stay on track because consistency will develop over time.


The return to campus comes at a cost. Between opal cards, buying lunch, coffee and social drinks with friends, uni is not cheap. If you want to live your most lavish on-campus life without emptying your bank account, it is important to budget. It can be helpful to map out monthly budgets to prepare for upcoming costs; this will enable you to prioritise certain expenses so you can spend your money to best suit you. There are so many free budgeting apps or excel templates that can be found online. In addition, since it can be challenging to earn and save money while studying, you may even consider picking up some additional work before the semester starts.

Admin tasks

Do not leave the minor admin tasks until the night before your first class. These little jobs can accumulate and feel like a burden if you leave them too late. These include things like buying any necessary stationary (pens, books, binders, headphones etc); organising your at-home study space; mapping out your commute; and ensuring that your opal card is topped up. Despite only being small, these things can be the difference between feeling prepared and unprepared.

Make the most of on-campus resources and opportunities

Once you actually get back on campus, it’s important to make the most of all that UTS has to offer. We definitely recommend going to UTS O’week as its an opportunity to see the campus and make new friends along the way.

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The campus boasts awesome amenities that can enhance your experience. First being the UTS library and student study spaces: unlike your bedroom at home, there are on-campus spaces that are designed to motivate your studies. The social aspect of on-campus learning is incredibly valuable. The ability to meet many new people face-to-face every day is a privilege that we went without during remote learning. Don’t be afraid to spark up a conversation with an unfamiliar face – you don’t know where it could take you! The UTS campus and surrounding streets boast some great bars, cafes and restaurants (article for food recommendations still to come!) – make the most of these.

Still, we’re trying to decide if an oodie is appropriate on-campus attire. Regardless, the return to campus is an exciting time! It’s okay to feel a little overwhelmed or stressed but don’t lose sight of all the great things that the UTS campus has to offer. Maintain balance in your life and do your best to prepare for the return to face-to-face learning.

Written by Ella McConnell

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