Reasons To Intern Abroad

Reasons To Intern Abroad

If you’ve completed an internship recently but it wasn’t what you wanted it to be. Why not try an internship abroad? If you’re on the fence about whether it’d be a good idea or not. Here are some reasons why you should definitely be considering it!

1. Make friends from all over the world.

It may not seem like a big deal now, but when you’re planning your next trip away and you can save money by crashing on their couch, god you’re going to notice.

2. Learn to be independent of your family

It’s time to put those cooking skills to the test. Travelling to another country can be daunting but it’ll be worth it.

3. The world as you know it will become so much bigger

How often do you find yourself visiting the same places or seeing the same people or talking about the same things. Pushing yourself into an internship abroad will definitely open your mind to how much more the world has to offer.

4. Learn to navigate a new city

After a couple months in a new place, you start to become quite the local. You learn where the best coffee is, the short cuts through the city and which train you need to get on no matter where you are.

5. You’ll discover what’s unique about where you’re from

Living in Australia you may not notice how unique we are. We have beaches everywhere, amazing weather and some pretty good coffee.

6. You’ll also discover what’s unique about where you are

When you see snow for the first time, or all the amazing architecture, or the fact that people don’t know what jet lag is (and yes someone asked me this).

7. Learn a different language (if you have the guts to go to a non-English speaking country)

Even if you don’t, your roommates from other places may teach you a thing or to.

8. Gain valuable work experience in a field of your choice

Not only is it great to be in another country, but internships are also just a great way to get into the field that you want when you finish your degree.

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9. It looks really good on your CV

How many people are going to be able to say ‘I interned in Europe’? You’ll be able to differentiate yourself from others and not only that, employers know that going overseas alone builds independency, responsibility, and in the case of interning, ability too.

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10. You’ll be on a more international career path

Building your network and making connections with people in a different country is a great stepping stone to jumping into an international career.

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11. Step outside your comfort zone (and watch yourself thrive)

You may not be thinking it now, but when you come home you’ll find you are a very different person from when you left (and don’t worry in all the good ways).

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