Reasons You Should Come On BSoc’s First Year Camp

Reasons You Should Come On BSoc’s First Year Camp

My friends, it has become evident that many people are left scratching their heads and pondering life and its many questions. With the main question that is desired to be answered: “Why am I at UTS?”

The answer to your question, dear child, comes because you have heard a whisper in the wind. A calling from the heavens. A gossip of sorts. That this widely sought out UTS Business Society offers you the chance to attend the annual BSoc Camp. A highlight of your university life, and a tale of ultimate survival to be flexed to your friends and family alike, no matter how weird.

This year’s BSoc camp is more reliable than FYRE Festival, more adventurous than Russell Coight’s travels, and promises a better time than Lindsay Lohan partying it up in Mykonos!

So here we are. Wash your hands, grab a mug and butter your scones kiddos. The kettle has boiled, the tea is ready for serving and boy oh boy is it hot.

1. Forced Friendships

Beginning university can be daunting no matter who you are, especially if you don’t know many people to start off with. Attending the camp provides the best atmosphere to make friends, as there is literally nowhere to run. But seriously, this weekend provides an opportunity to expand your bubble and to allow the blossoming of new friendships, close bonds and perhaps romances more than a 3am “u up?” text (ooh la la).

There is no need to worry about being alone as most people attend camp by themselves, so you’re on equal ground! Take this as an opportunity to share your developed knowledge of drinking games, uncomfortably funny Dad jokes and bizarre talents with each other.

Camp is a judgement free zone – get freaky, get wild, get chatting. Make it your aim to chat to as many people as you can. More than just a “what school did you go to?” convo if you can. If you see someone alone, go up and drag them to the nearest group of people as it is probably something they’re nervous to do themselves.

2. Inspirational Leaders

The goal of the committee is to provide you with the loosest, most enjoyable and inclusive weekend of your life! With a crew made up of many talents, from drinking performance to karaoke ability and everything in-between, we aim to inspire, entertain and amaze you! This is a trip that is specifically designed for you the campers, and your entertainment. We will do all we can to accommodate your needs and ideas.

Aim of the game: Don’t be shy to have a yarn with us, we don’t bite.

Camp is an opportunity for us to get to know you all. It is a place where we can let you settle into your new university environment a little easier and at a greater level of enjoyment than those who would rather “hang with the boys/girls” over their average weekend of disastrous pre’s, lost ID’s and deadly hangovers. In a more simple term, the leaders are here to lead, to encourage, to entertain and to party with you!

3. Show Stopping Dress Themes

What’s a party without a theme? BSoc camp provides calling to all the creative, quirky and fashionable talent to come up with a costume that knocks our socks off. Get a little creative, let your inner Vogue flow through your veins to create an iconic outfit. Having a theme not only provides for a great and humorous time, but also allows everyone to relax a little bit and enjoy the trip, rather than worry about dressing to impress.

Camp doesn’t judge by looks, whether you take the theme to heart, or use is as inspiration for a further outfit. This year the theme is Shipwrecked, and pirate themed aaarghhttire is on the agenda (I had to). All campers are required to fully immerse themselves in the theme, and we expect it to run through your blood from the minute you sign up for camp!

Any attendee who does not provide a costume fit for the high seas can expect to be cannonballed off the island (the option to walk the plank is also available).

4. Pre-Teen Nostalgia

It is a customary right of passage for the youth of Australia to attend some form of primary/high school camp during their childhood.  The memory of it brings back chills, and I can certainly assume the same does for you. Fear not, however, as BSoc knows how to run a camp….a real camp!

I’m not saying we are going 5-star Hilton style, nor am I saying we will be camping 2019 Mountain Sounds style (Rest in Peace). This year the camp will be filled with exhilarating activities and challenges that resonate with the golden times of our youths, and further push your teams and new friendships to the max. Your rooms are comfortable and will provide a spacious environment for lit press and late night chats. All-in-all, it’s no Hunger Games.

5. Big night? Yea mate.

We have come to the end of this list, the peak of all reasons, as you will soon learn. Being a youthful student, and having grown up in a culture fuelled by passion pop, goon and cruisers, I have learned to appreciate the finest of things in terms of beverage choice.

BSoc aims to make your wildest dreams come true when it comes to partying. For what we lack on camp (if anything) we certainly make up for at the Saturday Party and the drinks on offer. The possibilities of spirit/mixer/beer/cider combinations are some that make The Tipsy Bartender question his existence..

Yes, I am focusing heavily on how amazing the bar will be (speaking from experience), but I also urge you to remain careful and mindful. We all know our limits, don’t even try to lie about it. Have fun, be safe, look out for everyone, and respect people’s choices to drink or not drink. Cheers big ears. Don’t forget the Berocca….

And that’s a wrap! We hope you’re excited for camp, we sure are! If you haven’t already get your ticket today.

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