STUVAC: Expectations vs. Reality

STUVAC: Expectations vs. Reality

With STUVAC coming to an end it’s time we reassess how much work we actually managed to accomplish. Have you managed to do as much as you wanted to? If so, you’re probably in the minority while the rest of us slacked off. So without further ado, let’s compare the expectations of STUVAC to the reality.

Expectation: Catch up on all of your missed assignments

A full week to complete all my assignments and study for my tests? This’ll be a breeze.

Reality: Leave all your studying and due dates until Sunday, the day before STUVAC is over

You procrastinated to the point of no return and you hate yourself for it.

Expectation: Sleep in everyday

Let’s be honest with seven days off from classes the first thing you want to do is have a lie in.

Reality: Work everyday

But in reality you’re empty bank account is more important than sleep so you don’t hesitate to sign up for extra shifts.

Expectation: Catch up with all of your friends who attend other universities

With all this spare time you want to see all the people you never get to see during the semester, so STUVAC is the perfect opportunity.

Reality: Stay in bed and relax

Let’s be real, laying in bed sounds just as appealing. STUVAC is also the perfect opportunity to just do nothing!

Expectation: Read that book you’ve been meaning to finish since the holidays

You remember it being really good but just haven’t had the time.

Reality: Get addicted to a new Netflix series

You accidentally start a new show and you don’t have any time for the book anymore.

Expectation: Go to the gym more often

Summer bodies are made in the winter right?

Reality: Start off strong at the beginning of the week and slowly fissile out by the end

Monday motivation is a real thing, it’s the other days that are the issue…

Expectation: Three day bender

They are never planned, they just sort of happen. And why shouldn’t they? You have a week off!

Reality: You’re broke and can’t afford it but still three day bender

You may be broke but that won’t stop you, if goon is all you can afford then so be it.

Expectation: Spend time with your family

You’d think with all this spare time you’d be able to squeeze some family time in there.

Modern Family Luke Dunphy GIF

Reality: Spend all your time either at work, at the gym, with your friends or in your room

But then realise your social life, work schedule, gym classes and mental sanity that comes with alone time is important too.

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