The Benefits Of Being A Night Owl

The Benefits Of Being A Night Owl

So early birds may get the worm but there’s a whole lot of benefits of being a night owl. Please note if you stay up late and wake up early these benefits may not apply to you! It is important that you have the right amount of sleep, so we aren’t encouraging you to sleep less!

We know the importance of sleep, but time after time we stay up too late; and as such we thought we’d shed some light on what some of the benefits are for staying up late:

1. More Creativity and Originality

Think about all the artists, graphic designers, fashion designers etc. that are always up so late! They tend to be more creative and think outside the box indicating that ideas are produced at odd hours of the night!

Research has been found from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan that night people are more likely to develop original and creative solutions to problems than morning people.

2. Rich Social Life

You’re most likely to have more of a social life. Let’s be real how many of our social activities are at night? Whether it be grabbing dinner, catching a late movie, or checking out the newest happy hour, you are out late.

3. Higher IQ

Are you notorious for staying up late? Well, you might be more intelligent and have better reasoning skills. Being a night owl can be linked to being more intelligent according to a study conducted in 2009. They assessed 20,000 teens and found that staying up late was connected to having a higher IQ.

Also, a study the London School of Economics and Political Science found that the brightest students had both later bedtimes and wake times, while those students with low to average intellectual ability went to bed earlier and awoke earlier as well. 

4. More Mental Stamina Than Early Risers

Although a morning person may start the day early, they are also more likely to mentally tire sooner than night owls. According to a study in Belgium those who stayed up late were more mentally alert, having faster response times in the evening test than morning test. Results demonstrated that night owls are able to sustain a strong sense of mental alertness for longer than those who go to bed early. This means that when it comes to tasks that require sustained attention night owls excel at this!

5. More Productive

Waiting for the end of the day can boost your productivity. It is the ‘under pressure’ mentality that motivates you to get things done vs. procrastinating during the day and wasting your energy on unnecessary tasks. Thus, being a night owl allows you to prioritise the important tasks to be done by the end of the night!

Also, night owls have more time for hobbies! They have time to hone their skills whether it be in music, writing, designing or practicing. The time spent sleeping for early risers is spent creating or practicing for many night owls who are more likely to be more creative.

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