The Opportunities and Paws-itive Outcomes of Staying at Home

The Opportunities and Paws-itive Outcomes of Staying at Home

Why not take advantage of this time at home!

For many of us, COVID-19 has become the primary concern in people’s minds. The prospect of self-isolation seems like a daunting experience for some. Spending extensive periods at home does not have to be a lonely concept.

Whether it is a dog greeting you at the door, a cat snuggled in your lap, or a canary singing to you, pets provide companionship and unconditional love to help you thrive inside. Try to embrace this time as an opportunity to bond with a fluffy friend. There are many significant benefits for your mental health, and as a bonus can provide you with a warm ‘n’ fuzzy feeling, that can leave you smitten, quite literally. One survey by MensLine Australia in 2019 found that 74% of pet owners reported mental health improvements as a result of pet ownership. 

It’s hard to put into words the happiness that a pet can bring sometimes. They can provide support and care for you and the ones you love in unspoken ways.

Here are three essential ways in which pets can positively impact your wellbeing: 

Pets encourage you to be more active

Being in the house all day, we all know how our pets feel now when they are desperate to go for a walk after being stuck inside all day. Just because the gym is closed for the time being, that doesn’t mean you can’t partake in your daily exercise. Even though I don’t encourage you to walk your pet snake, any type of physical movement is a great way to release the stress and anxiety we are all feeling right now. Whether you head outside for a walk and join your pet for some fresh air or play tag with your dog in the backyard or hallway (being careful not to break a vase), exercise is a preventative measure to promote mental wellbeing. 

If you prefer to stay inside, dust off that treadmill, roll out the yoga mat, or blast your favourite song and have a dance around the house. No one besides your pet can see you embarrass yourself with those debatable dance moves, and best of all, your pet can’t tell you off for it.

Pets keep you company

One of the most noticeable benefits of having a four-legged family member in the house is that it’s almost impossible to feel lonely. They have a fantastic ability to make you feel calm, and when you’re feeling down about not being able to go out to grab a drink with your mates during quarantine, your pet is always there for you.

Let’s think about it… not only are pets great to talk to, but they are the only ones that will not judge you for all those quarantini cocktails you’re consuming every day of the week. They are the best secret keepers and excellent snugglers. Pets love you without judgement and are happy to be in your company. No one is more excited to have you home during the pandemic than your furry best friend.

Pets help reduce stress

When you think of ways to reduce stress, usually meditation or journaling comes to mind. However, no pet on earth will refuse your hug. Yes, you have permission to hug all the dogs, cats, and guinea pigs as you wish. They can promote relaxation, make us laugh, and provide stress relief for when the uni assignments are starting to creep up. Pets are great to talk to, perhaps because they can’t talk back. They support you when times get tough, and let’s be honest who else is going to listen to your problems without complaining.

It’s nearly impossible to stay in a bad mood when you lock contact with a pair of puppy eyes or have a cat softly rub up against your hand.

Interested in Adopting a Pet?

 Look at the contact information below to help make a difference with just a few clicks

Becoming an RSPCA NSW foster carer is an incredibly rewarding experience. It’s the opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of some of the state’s most vulnerable animals.  

RSPCA Foster care: https://www.rspcansw.org.au/how-you-can-help/foster-care/

Are you ready to give a pet it’s forever home? RSPCA adopt a pet: https://www.adoptapet.com.au/

Want to read more on how to support rescue groups during COVID-19? Visit https://www.petrescue.com.au/library/articles/how-to-support-rescue-groups-during-covid-19?utm_source=homepage 

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