The Stages Of Applying For Graduate Positions

The Stages Of Applying For Graduate Positions

Numerous times throughout our time at university we are told to enjoy it while we can because it will be the best few years of our lives; no responsibilities, no time constraints, when you think about it, they’re not too far off. But unfortunately, this life cannot last forever.

Have you ever wondered what life is going to be like once you have received your degree? No more late wake ups, no more nights out; it really is a reality check. As a current university student, the thought of waking up at 10am isn’t something I want to give up anytime soon and I’m sure everyone can agree.

So, as many final year business students approach their graduation day, we are sure the process of applying for these roles has really begun to consume their lives. So we thought we’d let ever non-final year business student what they have to look forward to! Here are the stages of applying for graduate positions.

1. Realisation that you finish university very soon

During your final year of university this realisation will definitely hit you, whether its during o-week or exam season, you will realise that you are about to enter the real world.

2. Start sending your applications out

Applying for these graduate positions is not a straightforward task. You don’t just apply for one position, sit back, and wait for them to reply to you; it’s never that easy…it is a much more strenuous task; **cough** cover letters **cough**

3. Complete online assessments

When you start applying for grad, online assessments will soon become the bane of your existence. Not only do the due dates creep up on you but they take a lot longer than you think.

I can remember completing a particular company’s testing that took 1.5 hours only to receive an email the following day saying, “you aren’t what we’re looking for.” Gee thanks! I just wasted 1.5 hours of my life.

4. Playing the waiting game

Okay you’ve submitted your application, you’ve done the online testing and now you wait. It’s agonising at times, especially when your friends start getting responses, but try not to worry, you may have just applied later than them or to a different sector of the same company. Each department could take longer or slower than others.

5. Ultimately facing rejection

So you’ve played the waiting game, you’ve tried to not panic and an email has just appeared in your inbox. You’re nervous to look at it so take a deep breath and then open it. You got rejected.

Let’s just say it’s not the best feeling; I mean you put all this time and effort into your application and they don’t even give you a chance.

6. Apply for MORE Companies

Your self-pity does not last long and soon you are going through the applying process again! You got this!

7. Get invited to the next stage, an assessment centre

It’s finally here, after all that effort you’ve made it to the next stage. Assessment centre here we come! You have marked the date, you’re ready.

8. Freaking out about what to expect

Well you think you’re ready until the day actually arrives and you start freaking out about what you should do, what you should say and what you should wear. Take a deep breath, chuck on that awesome interview outfit and go nail it!

9. In the end, it wasn’t as scary as you thought it was going to be

The company was great, the other candidates were friendly and you think you did alright…or you completed bombed it. Either way it’s over now!

10. Be invited to the interview stage

Omg, omg! You made it to the interview stage! You can’t believe it, a company may actually want you. You prepare like crazy; researching the company, stalking your interviewers on LinkedIn and practicing your answers to all the interview questions you can find.

11. Ace the interview

Let’s be honest, you couldn’t have done much better than that. You felt the comradery building, you answered with confidence; it’s all up to them now.

12. Congratulations you have a grad role!

It has been a long road getting here but you made it. The contract has been emailed to you, the tears of relief have been shed and you’re ready to move on from university. You may miss all the benefits of being a student, but you’re pretty damn excited to start your new job!

13. Or if you didn’t get accepted, repeat steps 3 to 12

That’s okay there are thousands of students in this position! Just keep trying and you’ll get there eventually. Even if your job isn’t in the form of a grad role, they are not the be all and end all. Good luck!

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