What We Wished We Knew About Uni Before Starting

What We Wished We Knew About Uni Before Starting

Even though 2020 has certainly spiced up University life, there are still certain things that I would love to have been told as a first-year Uni student, which is why we are here (despite it being week 5) to give you some tips on how to ace uni.

You’ve almost definitely heard the stigma surrounding lecture attendance, and how the lecture theatre seats slowly dwindle over the semester. However, now none of us really have an excuse not to attend since we don’t even need to leave our bed (#quarantinequeen) ! One of the biggest mistakes you can make when starting Uni is to miss lectures and let them stack up for the week before exams. Trust me, you’ll wish you’d just spent the hour or two during the semester watching the lecture instead of the all-nighter you’ll have to commit to in the lead up to exams. 

My second hot tip is to never be the no-show in a group meeting. You end up getting a zero/reduced mark for the assignment or you put ridiculous pressure on your group members which never feels too good. My advice is always to commit some of your time to make sure everyone in your group is doing their part and life goes along a whole lot smoother. 

Lastly, and this is especially relevant with the shift to online classes, is to always know what assignments and tests are coming up! During the semester I almost always rely on my weekly reminder from lecturers and tutors of the assignment that’s “right around the corner”. Even I know people who still miss deadlines and entire quizzes (this may or may not include myself). I recommend looking ahead and putting any important dates in your calendar or I promise you, they will sneak up on you. 


And there you have it! A few minor tips to kick start the second half of this semester,

online isolation edition…


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